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EPIC: Exceptional Periodontal and Implant Concepts

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality treatments to our patients. We utilize the latest technology to enhance our tested and proven efficient methods, and offer a wide range of comprehensive services, including:

  • Dental Implants: Used to replace missing teeth. Diagnosis and treatment planning : (including 3D Cone Beam Cat Scan if needed)
  1. Single tooth replacment
  2. Multiple tooth replacement
  3. Overdenture placement
  1. Treatments of Deep Cleanings or Scaling and Root Planing with Oral Care Instructions
  2. Treating Gum Recession with gum grafting including Pinhole technique
  3. Crown Lengthening
  4. Bone Grafting
  5. Periodontal Surgery Treatment
  6. Treatment to aid Esthetics and/or Orthodontics

Every diagnosis and treatment option will be explained in detail with pros and cons, costs and expectations depending on your specific needs and desires. We will work closely and communicate with your dentist so they are always aware of what has been recommended or provided for you by us. We will prior authorize your dental insurance company for you. We offer Care Credit for those interested.